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May-July 2018

Security fears delay roll-out of national e-voting system in Finland

Security concerns have re-emerged to further frustrate the Finnish government’s plans to launch a national e-voting system. But the country’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) working group, which is leading the project, insists the venture is delayed rather than mothballed. Finland’s online e-voting project will now enter a problem-solving phase to identify advanced, effective and best practice solutions to protect a future e-voting system. The government said the system must be able to guarantee the operating integrity of the election process while being technically robust to combat a wide range of external threats, particularly those emanating from the cyber domain. External interference in elections is an increasingly common threat to the integrity of national voting systems, their supporting IT infrastructure and the probity of election results. The overall security of voting systems came under the spotlight after the US presidential elections in 2016, and the more recent parliamentary elections in France and Germany. Against this ...

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