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March-May 2018

Germany’s Lemoncat disrupts business catering through cloud computing

Berlin has grown dramatically as a tech hub in the past decade and Doreen Huber, founder and CEO of business catering startup Lemoncat, has an explanation for this: the affordable cost of living for potential employees. People do not have to be rich to live in the city centre, she said. “What I like about Berlin is that it is one of the most comfortable European capitals for people in the tech industry to live in. Compared to Paris and London, people can still live in the city centre. There are big universities, thousands of students in the city, many international people. “It is very attractive for startups because they can find affordable people that speak many different languages. This means they can go international easily.” Huber’s previous role was at Delivery Hero, which had staff fluent in 40 languages and so could run all its international operations from Berlin. “This would cost three times or maybe five times as much in Paris or London,” she said. Lemoncat’s disruptive goal is to own the business catering space. Just ...

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