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February-April 2018

Dutch digital coin miners offered datacentre space to reduce costs

Digital coin miners can earn money by investing a few thousand euros in the right equipment, but electricity bills can eat into their profits. Bitcoin is probably the best-known cryptocurrency, but there are many other digital coins, including Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Pure. After a spell mining Dash, Ko Hamer, a structural engineer at De Voogt Naval Architects, started mining Pure. “Dash is an interesting coin, but it is getting tougher to be mined,” he said. “Pure is a relatively new currency, with block rewards of about 100 coins. That is very interesting.” Whether Hamer is going to get rich by Pure, he does not yet know. “I have earned about 2,500 coins a week over the last few weeks.” he said. “If Pure is put on the Exchange for €50, I earned €1,250 a week. If it is not worth anything, I have lost €30.” Hamer began selling Antminer D3 machines this summer. The demand for these Chinese-made appliances is huge and while others couldn’t get hold of any, Hamer managed to order 45 machines from supplier Bitmain. He kept two ...

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