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August-October 2022

Norwegian recruiters struggle to keep up with demand for IT specialists

The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna) has reported that 48% of Norwegian companies are in need of IT resources. According to Rune Buseth, partner at the recruitment firm Birn & Partners, that shortage of IT staff will continue for several years, regardless of the economic situation. The need for the right people will continue across the IT spectrum, but even in such a market, Norwegian companies still expect self-driven people – people that can take a broader responsibility and handle the job: not just work through a list of tasks. “Generally, Norwegian companies tend to be very good at taking care of their employees,” he said. “And most companies have greatly improved their EVP [employee value proposition] over the past 10 years. More and more, they make sure people are given tasks that they like, and they make sure people get the career development they want.” Norwegian companies know they need to keep good staff, because they are painfully aware of how much time and money it takes to...

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