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May-July 2019

Swedish state and industry back autonomous vehicle testing facility

The Swedish government, in partnership with the private sector, is backing a test facility for autonomous vehicle technologies – with its eyes on the global prize of creating an international standard for testing driverless vehicles. Backed by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and Chalmers University of Technology, the collaborative project will build the capacity and global status of AstaZero 5G, the self-driving auto testing specialist jointly controlled by state-owned RISE and Chalmers. Located in Borås, western Sweden, AstaZero’s 5G facility will “road-test” next-generation 5G and digital innovations that support the development of self-driving cars and heavier vehicles. The collaboration is timely, taking place against a backdrop of growing international interest in driverless vehicles. The public debate around self-driving cars has been elevated both by new safety innovations and by negative incidents, such as injury to humans and damage to vehicles suffered during pilot schemes. The ambition in Sweden is to set a ...

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