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May-July 2022

Gothenburg University makes breakthrough in energy efficient computers

The University of Gothenburg (UoG) is claiming a major breakthrough in the development of computers that can work as energy efficiently as human brains. Investigations headed by researchers at UoG have succeeded in combining memory and calculation functions in the same component. This is the first time researchers have been able to successfully connect oscillator networks and memristors. The discovery, emanating from the Topspin (Topotronic Multi-Dimensional Spin Hall Nano-Oscillator Networks) research project being run as a collaboration between the UoG and Japan’s Tohoku University, holds the potential to become the catalyst to create more efficient technologies across the broad spectrum of mobile telephones, drones and self-driving vehicles. “Finding new ways of performing calculations that resemble the brain’s energy-efficient processes has been an important goal of research for decades. Cognitive tasks, like image and voice recognition, require significant computer power; and mobile applications, in particular mobile phones...

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