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April-June 2022

How far has Saudi Arabia come with open data?

On 20 December 2021, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) announced the first version of its Open Data Platform, targeting specialists and stakeholders. The platform displays indicators and charts and allows users to browse data in a tree structure – aggregating information or drilling down to deeper detail. Users can also download data in various formats. SAMA promises to provide an application programming interface (API) with future versions. This recent announcement is part of the government’s overall strategy to promote e-government and the use of open data across all agencies. The first official e-government programme began in Saudi Arabia in 2005. The aim of the Yesser programme was to encourage government agencies to use digital technologies. Then, in 2011, the Open Government Data Initiative was launched, aiming to promote participation and innovation through a portal. More recently, the country’s National Data Management Office (NDMO) developed an interim set of regulations for national data governance, which includes ...

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