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June-August 2022

Russia plumbs new depths in cyber war on Ukraine

Russian threat actors are sinking to new lows in support of Moscow’s illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine, according to new intelligence from Microsoft, which has catalogued more than 230 distinct cyber operations from at least six threat groups since the war began in February. Alongside more broad-brush espionage and intelligence-gathering activities that might be expected during a cyber war, Russia has been conducting destructive cyber attacks that are clearly designed to threaten the welfare of Ukrainian civilians by degrading the systems of Ukrainian institutions, disrupting access to reliable information and critical services, and attempting to damage citizen confidence in the Ukrainian government. “We believe it’s important to share this information so that policymakers and the public around the world know what’s occurring, so others in the security community can continue to identify and defend against this activity,” said Tom Burt, corporate vice-president of security and trust at Microsoft. “All of this work is ...

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