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April 2019

How digital indoor systems can bolster ASEAN’s 5G networks

Digital technologies are revolutionising consumer interactions and the way enterprises compete. In retail, for example, mobile payments and e-commerce have the potential to reduce the use of cash and re-purpose traditional retail spaces. With digital solutions and services contributing up to 10% of GDP among ASEAN economies, it is certain that technology is increasingly transforming industries and improving digital economic efficiency. Realising this, governments in ASEAN are spurring growth through digitisation, national IT infrastructure projects, Industry 4.0 and innovation. Understanding and removing bottlenecks, as well as seeking out smart solutions, have become key focus areas. For example, in Singapore, the internet of things (IoT), 5G, sensor networks and the nationwide broadband network will enable enterprises to leverage high-speed networks and real-time communications. High-accuracy location positioning technologies is another area the Singapore government is looking into, given the city-state’s high population ...

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