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What is the true definition of cloud?

October 2012

Issue Highlights

    • Cloud likely future for business applications
    • Is cloud data storage right for your organisation?
    • CISOs key to transition to cloud, says (ISC)2
    • Lack of cloud standards and interoperability hinders cloud adoption
    • Interview: Dave Scammell, CEO of Sohonet

Previous Issues

    • Why organizations are turning to hybrid data centre fabrics with Fibre Channel

      September 2012 Includes:
      • Using fibre channel for storage networking
      • BI, advanced analytics offer edge for wind turbine, blinds makers
      • Data centre cases where PUE or power usage effectiveness doesn't work
      • BYOD: Can enterprise mitigate the risks?
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    • Compliance and risk

      August 2012 Includes:
      • Compliance, risk and the coming EU data protection framework: a CISO's perspective
      • Data virtualisation on rise as ETL alternative for data integration
      • The implications for storage of EU data protection regulation
      • Are shared private broadband connections the future of Wi-Fi on the go?
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    • Innovations with BI

      July 2012 Includes:
      • Securing NoSQL applications: Best practises for big data security
      • Unified storage goes mainstream
      • SIPCOM cut costs with storage and server upgrade
      • Rural broadband – should residents pay?
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    • Data protection: Preparing for new EU regulations

      June 2012 Includes:
      • The new EU data protection regulation: Planning for compliance
      • VMware data protection: An overview of how it works
      • Infostrada teams up with Roambi, mobile sports analytics at Olympics
      • SEPA reaps cost savings running Oracle on VMware
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    • NAC technology evolves in a BYOD policy world

      May 2012 Includes:
      • Consumerisation of IT: How to strategise enterprise device management
      • European river managers delve into new knowledge management system
      • Taking control of smartphone proliferation while avoiding user anarchy
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    • Taking control of smartphones: Are MDMs up to the task?

      April 2012 Includes:
      • Taking control of smartphone proliferation while avoiding user anarchy
      • Four mobile device security threats and three tools to manage them
      • Surveying the landscape of today’s mobile device security risks
      • Getting serious about tablet security risks and user training
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    • Next-generation network management techniques

      March 2012 Includes:
      • Will the DevOps movement simplify network automation?
      • Combining NetFlow and packet analysis boosts network visibility
      • Poor WAN performance? Try virtualisation
      • Idea Lab: 4G spectrum is the government’s most coveted networking asset
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    • Finding a home for Flash

      March 2012 Includes:
      • Enterprise flash: Three implementation options for virtualisation
      • Status report: Solid-state storage
      • Cloud backup is ready for the enterprise
      • Determining the real cost of storage
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    • Breaking the code: Are passwords destined for obscurity?

      December 2011 Includes:
      • A pen tester’s perspective on creating a secure password
      • Alternatives to passwords: Replacing the ubiquitous authenticator
      • Is it the end of the line for antivirus signatures?
      • Opinion: Firms can’t or won’t address social networking security risks
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    • Adopting an application-centric architecture

      November 2011 Includes:
      • Application - aware networking emerges but has far to go
      • Have service assurance tools finally come of age?
      • Network and application monitoring: A London school beefs up service
      • Idea Lab: Employees want social networking tools
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    • Break free with open source storage

      October 2011 Includes:
      • Exchange 2010 and storage systems
      • In pursuit of affordable shared-storage options
      • Tape makes a comeback (but was it ever gone?)
      • Where is the cloud storage market headed?
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    • Cloud computing: Data security outlook

      October 2011 Includes:
      • UK public sector IT grapples with cloud computing security risks
      • To avoid cloud computing legal issues, consider these three domains
      • Cloud computing: UK companies adopt eagerly, but often insecurely
      • Opinion: Infosec pros must advocate for cloud computing in IT
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    • Tips for cost-effective disaster recovery

      June 2011 Includes:
      • Server virtualisation: A perfect fit for your DR plan
      • Snapshots: The alternative backup
      • Using NAS for virtual machines
      • VMware storage issues may be solved by your array
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    • Navigating the maze of data protection compliance

      June 2011 Includes:
      • Infosecurity: Information security vendors lag threat vectors
      • DPA compliance not a black and white process
      • When digital risk gets physical: Assessing the global cyberthreat
      • DPA compliance: Tracking changes to Data Protection Act guidelines
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    • Social media mining yields customer analysis

      April 2011 Includes:
      • When data goes bad: how data quality analysis can fix problems
      • Internet SMEs look to database strategy to drive business growth
      • Sentiment analysis at work: a sentimental education for the data rich
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    • Data dedupe: A natural fit with backup

      March 2011 Includes:
      • Are cloud storage solutions right for today’s data centres?
      • Everything you need to know about vSphere and data storage
      • Hot technologies for 2011
      • Will cloud data protection replace tape?
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