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September 2011

Server hardware and refresh cycle options

Virtualization has come a long way, and now IT pros are tasked with keeping their virtual machines secure. This expert e-zine follows the evolution of virtualization and offers advice for developing an effective security strategy. Plus, find out what took place at VMworld 2011 within the virtualization and cloud arenas.

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Features in this issue

  • Assessing your server refresh options

    by  Daniel Eason, Contributor

    Hardware updates are unavoidable, but you have to know when a server refresh will make the most sense. Here are factors that signal it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Building the business case for a server refresh

    by  Daniel Eason, Contributor

    As IT managers consider a server refresh, they need to create a solid business case for replacing hardware. Here’s how to garner support for the project.

  • Getting the right hardware for your server refresh

    by  Daniel Eason, Contributor

    Server consolidation, virtualisation and other trends complicate the server refresh process. An expert provides some advice on making the right hardware platform choices.

  • Can’t afford a server refresh?

    by  Daniel Eason, Contributor

    If you can’t afford a server hardware refresh, consider these lower-cost alternatives to boost hardware performance.

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