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  • Video: Mobile phone users prone to SMS mobile malware

    Juniper networks has tracked more than 250,000 new instances of mobile malware in the last 12 months

  • CW500: Marc Overton, EE

    Marc Overton, EE talks to Computer Weekly about the role that mobile communications will play in the internet of things.

  • CW500: Dan Wood, HP Software

    Dan Wood, from HP Software market development, talks to Computer Weekly about what the internet of things means to corporate IT leaders.

  • CW500: Rob McNamara, SmartGrid GB

    Rob McNamara, from SmartGrid GB, talks to Computer Weekly about one of the highest profile IoT applications – smart energy grids and the UK’s smart meter roll-out.

  • CW500: Nick Bromley, GLA

    Nick Bromley,from the Greater London Authority, talks to Computer Weekly about the prospects for smart cities and what it means for London.

  • Women in IT: Belinda Parmar, Little Miss Geek

    Belinda discusses how we can get girls to become part of the tech revolution and some of the challenges she discovered after spending a year with girls in schools.

  • Women in IT: Nela Brown, QMUL

    Universities offer many opportunities for students to get involved with running sports clubs, societies, radio stations, newspapers, online blogs as well as start-up brand new projects.

  • Women in IT: Jacqueline de Rojas, CA Technologies

    Successful individuals in today’s IT landscape need to have two key watchwords ‘Brand’ and ‘Innovation’. Everyone thinks about what makes successful company brands – ethos, customer experience, reputation – but I believe that people should apply the same thinking to their own ‘personal brand’.

  • Women in IT: Maggie Berry, WEConnect International

    There are thouands of women in the UK with STEM qualifications and/or experience of working in technology but after taking time out to have a family - maybe having many years away from the IT industry—they struggle to return to work in the sector.

  • Women in IT: Lesley Cowley, Nominet

    Recent Nominet research showed that there remain common misapprehensions which put off young people, particularly girls, from pursuing a career in IT.

  • Women in IT: Ann Brown, Capgemini

    The IT industry is missing out on female talent in two significant ways. Firstly through the number of women who are qualified but who choose to work in a different sector and secondly by young women opting out of studying related subjects in schools and universities due to not understanding the breadth of the industry.

  • Women in IT: Rebecca George, Deloitte and BCS

    Women act differently from men in the office. It’s really important to understand what we do differently, especially in the male dominated environment of IT.

  • Women in IT: Chi Onwurah, Labour Shadow Cabinet Office Minister

    Women have so much to offer IT, it is up to all of us to all of us to make sure the UK realises the full potential of new technologies by properly engaging and supporting women.

  • Women in IT: Jo Swinson, Government Minister for Women & Equalities

    The information economy is critical to the UK’s success on the global stage, yet women are significantly under-represented in the technology professions.

  • Women in IT: Gillian Arnold, BCS Women

    Understanding the impact of ‘Unconscious Bias’ is important to management within organisations which are trying to raise their levels of diversity.

  • Video interview: Joanna Shields, CEO, Tech City

    “If I was a CIO right now, I’d be looking at small businesses in Britain,” says Shields.

  • Video interview: Get ready to decentralise the CIO

    As technology becomes more embedded in business the IT function could become decentralised

  • CW500: Jitender Arora, GE Capital Europe

    In this CW 500 Security Club video, Jitender Arora, GE Capital Europe talks about how big data, analytics and information security come together.

  • CW500: Stephen Gailey, Splunk

    In this CW 500 Security Club video, Stephen Gailey, Splunk talks to Computer Weekly security editor Warwick Ashford about how big data, analytics and information security come together.

  • Yva Thakurdas on the IT skills crisis

    The health of UK economy is at risk because of acute shortages of skilled IT professionals, says Yva Thakurdas, a C-level executive and consultant, in this video presentation.

  • CW500: Stuart Wright, SEGA Europe

    In this CW500 Club video, Stuart Wright, SEGA Europe talks about IT sourcing, the relative merits of cloud and outsourcing, and how be successful whichever you choose.

  • CW500: Steve Briggs, Co-operative Group

    In this CW500 Club video, Steve Briggs, Co-operative Group about IT sourcing, the relative merits of cloud and outsourcing, and how be successful whichever you choose.