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    • Covid-19: Three technology areas that CIOs must address
    • Is this Netflix-style thriller the future of security training?
    • How IT can back up ESG efforts to do environmental and social good
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  • Maximising the benefits from CRM

    There are many benefits that CRM can bring to a company. CRM by definition improves business relationships, bolsters customer service and strengthens marketing campaigns which in turn improves an organisation's sales.

  • Datacentre kit to be given Energy Star green rating

    The US Environment Protection Agency is developing a standard for its Energy Star programme to provide IT directors with a green rating for datacentre technology.

  • Expert gives SOA lowdown on Computer Weekly podcast

    Andy Mulholland, global chief technology officer of consultancy company Capgemini, believes service oriented architecture has a key role to play in the next generation of the web.

  • Making the business benefits of security technology reap rewards

    The need for all firms to have an effective, robust and flexible IT security strategy is as important as it ever was. Yet there exists a train of thought that security is a business hygiene factor; that firms simply have to invest in security. However, strategic investment in security technology can actually act as an agent of change for the business.

  • Podcast: Mobile device threats are real, white-hat hacker says

    Learn how easy it is for a hacker to gain access to a mobile device, whether employees are aware of security for their devices and why Bluetooth headsets should be turned off.

  • Podcast: Tor peer-to-peer privacy could be hacked

    In this edition of Security Wire Weekly, Andrew Christensen of FortConsult explains how the Tor peer-to-peer network can be hacked to track down user identities.

  • Podcast: The state of Oracle security

    In this edition of Security Wire Weekly, Oracle DBA Jon Emmons gives his observations about Oracle's new critical patch update format.