Extreme teleworking from Everest Base Camp


Project tracker, Jira, from business software developer, Atlassian

Source:  Atlassian

Jira, enables teams to organise and prioritise actions that need to be completed, allowing each member to stay on top of changes to the project as they happen.

“The interface was just so simple. We would storyboard the project as we saw it and I translated it to the management dashboard. Being a web-based dashboard, everyone could see what needed to be done by whom and [status levels]," said Byro.

With Jira, team members always have an up-to-date view of the work they are doing via email, chat or RSS notifications, or logging onto the Jira dashboard which shows user activity streams. The dashboard is also accessible by the upper management team, which mean Byro no longer needs to take time to report on the project.

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