DEF-CON Bangalore (DC9180) Meet Live


DEF-CON Bangalore (DC9180) Meet Live

After the success of DEFCON Chennai Meet in January 2012, DEFCON Community Groups (DCG) Chennai has slotted the next installment of its information security meet for Bangalore. With its spotlight on 10 speakers and a video contribution, DEFCON Bangalore promises an info-packed tour for Indian infosec pros on September 9, 2012. So we decided to book a ringside view for you.

With participation from the security evangelists of organizations such as CDAC, BMRCL (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd), McAfee, IBM and iGate, DEFCON Bangalore holds promise for future meets. The chief guest for the event is Anand Prahlad, the managing director and head of India operations for McAfee Software India. DEFCON Bangalore is managed by a POC consisting of Harikrishnan R, Viknesvaran Sittaramane and Karthik R. Without any further ado, join us as we check out the highlights of DEFCON Bangalore in real time. We will be updating this photo feature during the course of the event, so do check back to catch up with the latest at DEFCON Bangalore.

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