Data centre hardware

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    Telewest to extend use of iTV

    Telewest is planning to extend its use of mobile and interactive TV (iTV) to communicate with its customers, after completing a...

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    Sony offers solution to recordable DVD incompatibility

    Sony's latest optical disc drive will help to protect companies' investments in recordable DVD technologies, writes Eric Doyle.

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    IBM packs more blades into server farms

    IBM is increasing the density of its blade server farms by packing 84 blades into a single rack. This means 36 more servers can...

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    Acer swivels in with Tablet PC

    Acer is preparing to release its first Tablet PC on 4 November at Microsoft's official launch of the new computer format, writes...

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    IBM unveils small form-factor desktop PC

    IBM has launched a new compact desktop PC, the NetVista S42, a machine it hopes will provide users with a small form-factor...

  • October 02, 2002 02 Oct'02

    Computer Weekly team climbs the Alps

    A group of intrepid industry IT representatives braved glaciers, high altitude and steep terrain to scale the 3,542m Aiguille du...