Data centre hardware

  • February 17, 2005 17 Feb'05

    Novell launches Linux-compatible OES

    Novell has officially launched its Linux-compatible Open Enterprise Server at this week’s LinuxWorld conference in Boston.

  • February 16, 2005 16 Feb'05

    EMC offers cheaper IP-based storage

    EMC has started offering iSCSI-based storage on a new line of its CLARiiON arrays.

  • February 14, 2005 14 Feb'05

    Strategic Storage: DR planning blueprint

    Developing a good disaster recovery (DR) plan is similar to good dental hygiene -- and almost as exciting. Similar to going to the dentist twice a year, you should also test your DR plan with the same frequency. Wait too long to clean up your plan ...

  • February 14, 2005 14 Feb'05

    PDAs boom on back of business buy-in

    The worldwide market for personal digital assistants grew by nearly 7% last year, boosted by corporate users, according to...

  • February 14, 2005 14 Feb'05

    Intel to offer 64-bit lessons to developers

    Intel is preparing an education programme to help businesses’ in-house software developers use the latest functions of its...

  • February 14, 2005 14 Feb'05

    AMD cranks up clock speed on Opteron chips

    AMD has announced two new chips in its Opteron server range.