Data centre hardware

  • January 14, 2005 14 Jan'05

    Avis uses wireless to slash check-in time

    Avis has used wireless technology to cut the time it takes to check in millions of rental cars being returned by customers.

  • January 13, 2005 13 Jan'05

    Apple posts record profits

    Apple has posted big increases in sales and profits for its first quarter ending 25 December, helped by a Christmas rush for its...

  • January 10, 2005 10 Jan'05

    NHS IT plan omitted practicalities

    The world's biggest civil computer project, the IT-led modernisation of the NHS, was launched without a full understanding of its...

  • January 10, 2005 10 Jan'05

    Industry rallies to disaster victims

    The IT industry has been offering technical help and donations to aid the relief effort in south east Asia following the tsunami...

  • January 10, 2005 10 Jan'05

    AMD announces Centrino wireless chip rival

    AMD has announced the release of a mobile wireless processor that will rival Intel’s Centrino offering.

  • January 07, 2005 07 Jan'05

    IBM sharpens blade

    IBM expects to ship a new 32-processor server based on Intel's Xeon processors in the first half of 2005 and may begin selling...

  • January 05, 2005 05 Jan'05

    Dell UK cuts system prices

    Dell has followed up its pre-Christmas US price cuts with reductions in the UK on specific configurations of servers, desktops...

  • January 04, 2005 04 Jan'05

    Apple ships Xsan storage system

    Apple has begun shipping its enterprise class storage area network (San) file system Xsan.

  • January 04, 2005 04 Jan'05

    BlackBerry support offers users greater choice

    Research In Motion (RIM) has signed up a number of third party smartphone makers to support its BlackBerry wireless e-mail system...

  • December 22, 2004 22 Dec'04

    Study says mobile phones affect DNA in isolated cells

    Radio frequency radiation from mobile phones can damage DNA in laboratory conditions, European researchers said in a recent...