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Top 10 Australia IT stories of 2017

Australia capped the year with a slew of game-changing technology initiatives, from bolstering its supercomputing infrastructure and productivity of police officers to outlining an ambitious space programme

As one of the most developed IT markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has been a first-mover in mastering and deploying advanced information and communications technology across a large segment of its economy. 

Whether it is tapping artificial intelligence to boost patient care or empowering police officers with mobility initiatives, Australia is often seen as a leader that uses technology effectively not for its own sake, but to make a positive impact on its people, businesses and economy.

In this review of the top 10 Computer Weekly articles focused on IT in Australia, we look at what the country is doing to improve work productivity, upgrade its supercomputing infrastructure, harness the internet of things to improve business operations and realise its space ambitions.

Top 10 Australian IT stories of 2017

1. Inside Australia’s supercomputing journey

The country’s Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation has upgraded its high-performance computing infrastructure to keep pace with global research.

2. Australia outlines space ambitions

A national space agency would put Australia in the league of nations with space capabilities, but questions about its true value remain.

3. Cracking genomic codes with the cloud

Australian researchers are using Amazon’s Lambda serverless computing service to solve pressing health problems.

4. Australian broadcaster hit by data breach

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the latest organisation to fall prey to misconfigured Amazon S3 storage buckets, exposing database backups and sensitive data such as login credentials.

5. Australia’s cyber security strategy bearing fruit

The national blueprint has been a catalyst for improvements in cyber security across the country, but its long-term impact remains to be seen.

6. Australian government to invest A$10m in the internet of things

The Australian government pledges more funds towards deploying a Sigfox-based network that will be used to power smart city and clean energy applications across the country.

7. Victoria Police to get more productive with mobile devices

Apple devices fitted with policing apps will let officers access vital information and collaborate while on the go.

8. Mojo Power harnesses cloud to disrupt energy business

The Australian energy upstart is using cloud-based microservices to shake up the energy sector by providing households with access to wholesale energy rates and real-time consumption data.

9. Australia to abolish visa for skilled workers

The Australian government will replace the 457 visa programme with temporary skills visas to stem the loss of jobs that could go to Australians.

10. Australia’s Icon Group taps IBM Watson to boost cancer care

Watson for Oncology will provide oncologists with medical information and treatment options to support clinical decision making.

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