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Analytics, internet of things to drive data volumes to 163ZB by 2025

IDC study predicts consumers as creators of data will decline as the enterprise, analytics and “life critical” scenarios push total volumes to a tenfold increase by 2025

The world’s volume of data will expand to 163 zettabytes by 2025 – a tenfold rise in the total – according to analyst IDC. And the trend is back towards enterprise data forming the bulk of that, away from consumers as the source.

The trend away from consumers and entertainment as the primary creators of data will see enterprises as the site of 60% of the world’s data by 2025, says the study sponsored by disk maker Seagate.

According to the study, we are transitioning from a period in which information has been transformed from analog to digital to one in which digital information will increasingly be a critical part of systems required for everyday life-critical systems that use analytics, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT). 

According to the study, Data Age 2025: The evolution of data to life critical, nearly 20% of the world’s data will be critical to our daily lives by 2025, and nearly 10% of that will be “hypercritical”.

A large portion of this will be created by embedded systems and the IoT. By 2025, an average connected person anywhere in the world will interact with connected devices nearly 4,800 times per day. That’s one interaction every 18 seconds.

The amount of data subject to analysis is estimated to grow by a factor of 50 to 5.2 ZB in 2025.

The study predicts that more than a quarter of data will be created in real time, and IoT data will constitute 95% of that.

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  • Big data analysis needs a split from the traditional approach of matching back-end infrastructure to application requirements.
  • Because virtual servers are easy to create, delete and move and their storage needs grow rapidly and unexpectedly, you need to be on top of storage capacity planning.

When it comes to storage media predictions, the study estimates about 80% of enterprise data will be held on spinning disk HDD in 2025, down from 94% today.

The largest chunk of HDD’s enterprise data losses will be to flash media, which it predicts will increase its share of data held from 6% today to around 20% in 2025.

Data held in the public cloud will double to 26% in 2025, according to the IDC study.

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