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Nordea bank joins rival’s mobile payment platform

Nordea signs up to the mobile payments platform from Danske bank for its customers in Denmark and Norway

Nordea bank has joined the MobilePay platform, provided by Danske Bank, to provide mobile payments to its customers in Norway and Denmark.

The mobile payments platform will replace Swipp in Denmark for Nodea.

Danske Bank launched MobilePay in Norway in September 2015, following its success in Denmark. It has opened the platform to any interested banks in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The Norwegian version of MobilePay, which is free to use, includes all the basic peer-to-peer payment functionality of the Danish version, including the ability to split a bill and request payment and allows for up to three debit or credit cards to be linked to an account.

Tonny Thierry Andersen, a member of Danske Bank’s executive board, said partner banks, such as Nordea, with direct customer contact will help broaden the uptake of MobilePay.

“By joining forces with other banks, MobilePay will be able to accelerate innovation, which means that we can offer the absolutely best user experience,” he said.

Peter Lybecker, CEO at Nordea Bank in Denmark, said the partnership will benefit customers, the market and the individual banks.

“MobilePay is known today for its user friendliness, and we want to contribute to making the product even more widely used and continue the development of MobilePay as an innovative digital payment platform,” he said.

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  • Sweden is close to being a cash-free society as electronic payments have dethroned cash and day-to-day banking has moved online.
  • Nordea joins the ranks of corporations that believe startup co-operation is the key to innovation in the banking sector. 
  • Selected types of Danish retailer could be permitted to turn away customers who can’t pay electronically.

Nordea will no longer use the Swipp platform, which is a mobile payments joint venture between banks in Denmark, and will instead  invest  in the further development of MobilePay.

Nordea said personal customers will not experience any changes at first, but business customers that do not have a MobilePay agreement will receive an offer to switch from their existing Swipp agreement to MobilePay.

Nordea said other banks in Denmark, Norway and Finland are expected to join the partnership. MobilePay will also discuss with Swish in Sweden the possibility of enabling Nordic users to make payments between MobilePay and Swish.

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