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Great Ormond Street NHS hunts for EPR and research platform worth up to £50m

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is looking for an electronic patient record system and a clinical research platform worth £50m

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust (Gosh) has gone out to tender for an electronic patient record system (EPR) and a business intelligence (BI) and clinical research platform.

The children’s hospital is procuring in two lots. Lot 1 bis for the EPR and Lot 2 for the research platform, with the entire contract worth up to £50m over 20 years, according to a tender document

According to a briefing document attached to the tender, the technology will help deliver its vision of a “digital hospital”. This includes clinical decision support, mobile and wireless technology such as tablets, iPads, voice recognition software and RID systems.

“We intend to provide our staff with a multiplicity of access points and devices to a single patient record,” the briefing document said.

Gosh is looking for an EPR that includes a patient administration system, but also has wider clinical functionality, such as order communications, e-prescribing, theatre scheduling and decision support tools. 

The EPR must also have a “child-friendly, age-appropriate patient portal” the patient and family can use “before, during and after interactions with the hospital”.   

The system will have to be tailored to paediatric requirements, integrate with other hospital systems and have “seamless clinical and business intelligence on the data in the EPR system as a whole”, the document added.

The hospital hopes to award a contract by the end of 2016 and aims to go live with a new system by the middle of 2018.

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  • Both capital and revenue funding will be made available to NHS organisations, but not through a “traditional” tech fund.
  • US professor Robert Wachter’s review of the NHS’s digital future will have a particular focus on clinical engagement in IT implementations.

It envisions the research platform will cover five areas, such as clinical and BI tools to support clinical outcomes and performance management, clinical trials, scientific administrative tools, an analytics platform and translational research.

“Most important is that it supports the day to day running of the hospital, both in terms of the delivery of clinical services and the support services on which the former depend,” the document said.

Although Gosh currently uses a picture archiving and communications system (Pacs) and a radiology information system – both from GE – the EPR provider could offer a supplier-neutral archive for images, videos and documents.

The hospital is also considering “options for procurement of both radiology and cardiology Pacs function, with an expectation that the PACS and EPR supplier will work together to provide an integrated view to our clinicians”.

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