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BMC boosts network observability with Netreo acquisition

Autonomous digital enterprise operations technology firm announces takeover of provider of smart and secure IT network and application observability solutions

Autonomous digital enterprise software solutions provider BMC has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire smart and secure IT network and application observability solutions firm Netreo.

The move will allow BMC to equip customers with visibility into their performance across their networks, infrastructure and applications, enabling teams to deliver reliable service while receiving insights from their entire IT footprint.

The stated mission and vision of California-based Netreo is to create full-stack observability solutions that help companies achieve their business objectives. It says this involves ensuring firms have a secure, high-performing computing environment to easily design, develop and manage game-changing digital applications and assets and to provide technologies so they can observe, analyse and act effectively.

The Netreo OpenTelemetry-based observability provides application performance management (APM), network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD), and IT infrastructure management (ITIM), giving IT Ops, DevOps, developers and network teams visibility across their applications, infrastructure and networks.

The acquisition is expected to close in the first half of 2024, subject to customary closing conditions. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. From a technology basis, the deal will see BMC Software provide customers of its Helix observability platform and AIOps solution with application and network management capabilities.

It will offer visibility into performance across networks, infrastructure and applications from a modern, open observability platform, which should help teams deliver reliable services with insights from their entire IT footprint. Such visibility into application performance is said to improve developer productivity, allowing them to release capabilities more frequently with reduced risk and higher quality. BMC also believes networking teams can easily deliver new network services, increase customer satisfaction and maximise overall network performance.

“IT teams face long problem resolution times due to too many silos across tools, systems and noisy environments. Netreo’s OpenTelemetry-based observability, APM and NPMD are a perfect complement to the industry-recognised BMC Helix observability, AIOps and ServiceOps solutions,” said Margaret Lee, senior vice-president and general manager of digital service and operations management at BMC.

“Now we can deliver full-stack, open observability from a unified platform with our generative AI innovation and provide customers with the real-time intelligence and issue resolution capabilities to set them apart from their competition. This also further accelerates BMC’s commitment to standards-based OpenTelemetry,” she added.

Netreo CEO Jasmin Young added: “BMC’s vision to connect siloed operations and accelerate innovation across the enterprise resonated deeply with our goal to deliver a great smart and secure full-stack observability experience for our customers. Combining Netreo’s capabilities with the BMC Helix platform empowers our customers to bring data from their applications, infrastructure and networks into the BMC Helix Observability and AIOps solutions for holistic visibility, enhanced root cause analysis and automated remediation. I am excited to see this vision come to life as a part of BMC.”

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