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Dutch authorities vouch for security of ZTE optical networking products

Leading Chinese technology provider reveals it has successfully passed one of the most authoritative security certifications in the world for its optical transport network products

ZTE Corporation has obtained the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC) EAL3+ certificate for its optical transport network (OTN) products, including the ZXONE 9700, ZXMP M721 and ZXONE 7000 series.

Common Criteria’s EAL3 (Evaluation Assurance Level 3) for system testing and checks is regarded as representing the highest certification level for system equipment among current communication products.

The CC certification for ZTE OTN has been approved by the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency, with the certificate authorised by TüV Rheinland Nederland. The evaluation was conducted by SGS Brightsight, a renowned security assessment laboratory based in the Netherlands.

International mutual recognition system Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) comprises 31 member countries, with 17 certificate-issuing countries and 14 certificate-consuming countries.

Additionally, SOGIS serves as a CC mutual recognition organisation specifically for European Union or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, focusing on specific technology areas.

The EAL3+ certification meets the evaluation and recognition requirements of the CCRA and SOGIS. Its evaluation comprehensively covers design and development, process management, information security, personnel security, physical security, asset security, IT security, supply chain security and penetration testing.

The EAL3+ (ALC_FLR.2 Enhanced) certification is said to indicate that ZTE’s software and hardware meet the requirements of the EAL3, and provide lifecycle security assurance for security flaw remediation. As a result, ZTE said it has emerged as the exclusive OTN supplier in the industry to achieve Common Criteria Version 3.1 R5 compliance by the entire protection solution, creating a more reliable security boundary for users.

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Moreover, ZTE said the certification unequivocally demonstrates that its OTN products possess complete security capabilities throughout their full lifecycle, ranging from design and development to testing, production and delivery.

The company added that it has always been committed to increasing the security level of its products and that cyber security is incorporated into all phases of planning, design, development, production, delivery and maintenance. ZTE said it strictly implements data protection compliance management.

Looking ahead, the tech firm said it will continue to enhance and guarantee product security quality, offering efficient, secure and trustworthy products and services to global operators.

“With this achievement, ZTE continues to spearhead innovation in the information and communication technology sector, paving the way for more secure and trustworthy products and services for global operators,” the firm said.

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