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Top 10 software development stories of 2021

Business recovery is leading to more emphasis on software projects. Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 software development stories for 2021

While organisations went into survival mode to cope with the lockdowns and difficult trading conditions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been a boom time for software development. From integrating broken business processes to improving the robustness of online services, organisations have ramped up digitisation initiatives as part of their business recovery plans. Many have taken this a lot further, using software to deliver entirely new categories of products and services.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 software development stories for 2021:

1. The emerging role of software in business development

Business leaders generally recognise the importance of software as a business enabler – but some see technology driving business growth.

2. Volvo: Our friends in software

We speak to Volvo’s head of software platform about the company’s strategy to build a software-defined car.

3. IT Priorities 2022: Software development

As organisations rebuild after the Covid-19 pandemic, strategic software projects will help them become more effective.

4. How containerisation helps VW develop car software

Volkswagen’s R&D centre is working with Red Hat to use containerisation to improve how it develops and tests software for the control systems in cars.

5. Cloud & DevOps: a guide to becoming a software-centric organisation

Businesses are investing time and effort in building digitally enabled services. How can businesses transform their software development teams to deliver software efficiently and reliably?

6. Executive interview: Lee Porte, chair, Cloud Foundry Foundation TOC

Cloud Foundry wants more non-IT industry code contributions and its technical oversight committee has a new chair who wants to ramp up user focus.

7. How Axa drives digitisation forward

Digital transformation is not a one-shot project – it’s a continuous and evolving process that requires a mindset change in IT management.

8. How Bet365 addressed Apple’s iOS App Store policy changes

Apps on the iOS app store need to be more “Apple like”, with a common user experience. We find out how Bet365 achieved app portability.

9. Executive interview: Chris McShane, MD, Halfords Mobile Experts

Cycling and motoring retailer Halfords has developed its own service management software, which it is now taking to market.

10. How software development will change in 2022

Businesses need a pipeline of software-enabled functionality that has to be delivered quickly and reliably without overworking software teams.

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