Gousto uses Sisense Fusion to broaden analytics across business

AWS-based Sisense platform enables meal-kit company to provide more of its employees with data and create custom dashboards

Meal-kit company Gousto has deployed the Sisense Fusion platform to give data access to more people from around the business. This data democratisation will be used to support the company as it prepares for its next phase of growth.

Gousto sends food and recipes to families across the UK, servicing more than 200,000 orders a week. It has deployed Sisense Fusion to strengthen access to its self-serve data and improve reporting and data visualisations for its staff. In the next phase of growth, the firm aims to unlock deeper, actionable insights from its data, a strategy that involves enabling easier, faster, more “self-serve” use of its data by internal teams.

Sisense will be used to provide Gousto’s employees with a wider array of visualisations. The platform enables non-technical staff to create their own reports and dashboards.

Robert Barham, director of data at Gousto, said the implementation of Sisense within the business will save time and create new opportunities. By using the Sisense platform, everyone in the organisation can view and implement the data, start discovering new datasets and deeper insights, which will drive innovation while strengthening operational efficiency, he said.

“Gousto brands itself not just as a food company, but as a data company that loves food,” said Barham. “We focus on taking a data-first approach to how we operate, whether that is how we design our factories or how we design our menus on our website. We have a number of data products that are optimising the operation in that way.

“I am really excited about how Sisense will help democratise data across the company. It can help us put data into the hands of users who in the past had not been able to go as deep into our data as they wanted to. By leveraging Sisense, we can help our teams unlock new insights, come up with new ideas, and unlock the power of data across Gousto in a way that goes beyond what we’ve done so far.”

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Sisense describes itself as an AWS Data & Analytics Competency partner. It said most of its customers use AWS, where they benefit from integrations with Redshift, S3, Athena, Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, Comprehend and Kinesis. The Sisense platform has also been designated an AWS Services Ready partner for Redshift, Linux 2 and, most recently, Outposts.

Gousto also uses AWS. Since it was established over five years ago, the company has used AWS’s EC2 to provide infrastructure as a service. This is used to deliver IT infrastructure and enables its tech team to stand up and scale new services quickly.

It has used the idea of infrastructure as code, which provides a way to monitor and run production system consistently. Gousto CTO Shaun Pearce said: “You design, you build and then run it.”

The IT infrastructure at Gousto is built on hundreds of microservices. The company also uses the ECS container platform and is developing serverless applications.

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