Top 10 enterprise IT in the Nordics stories of 2020

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 Nordic enterprise IT stories of 2020

The Nordic countries have all the ingredients to lead the world in enterprise IT.

Perhaps best known for its vibrant tech startup scene, the region is never far from the front when it comes to IT advancement.

However, it is not just the startups that drive this – large traditional industries are also adopting digital technologies as they transform their businesses.

Also, the population of the Nordic countries are more than willing to try out new technology if it promises to improve their lives.

Combining these factors makes the region a tech “crystal ball’, in which gazers can see what is coming to their own and other regions.

This year’s top 10 Nordic enterprise IT stories provide a broad sweep of subjects, with the apt starting point a look at one of the region’s up-and-coming startup hubs, in Tampere, Finland. The city has a rich tech history, being a hub previously used by Nokia. The imprint left by the once mighty mobile phone maker continues to benefit future generations of tech firms.

Also, read in this top 10 how some of the Nordic region’s long-established industries are adapting to life in the digital world. For example, find out from CIOs how forestry company Store Enso is working with tech startups to support its transformation and how construction giant Skanska is playing catch-up when it comes to digital.

But the Nordic region does face some major challenges. It might come as a surprise to many that it is a misconception that the region is a leader in terms of equality in the tech industry. Read more about the inspiration behind a group that was set up to address inequality between men and women in the Nordic IT industry.

1. Tampere’s perfect storm triggers a startup revolution

Previously a hub for Nokia and Microsoft, Finland’s second-largest city is capitalising on a wealth of technical knowhow to become the dark horse of the Nordic startup scene.

2. Nordic CIO interview: Per Boström, Skanska

The construction industry may be a slow starter when it comes to adopting digital technology, but it is reaping the benefits quickly, with Sweden’s Skanska focused on playing catch up, according to CIO Per Boström.

3. Danske Bank begins process of creating autonomous development teams

Danish bank begins the process of changing how thousands of its staff work as it attempts to be more responsive to digital demand.

4. Nordic CIO interview: Teemu Salmi, Stora Enso

Working with startup communities helps to drive digital transformation at one of the world’s largest forest industry companies, Stora Enso.

5. Swedbank to rebuild anti-money laundering systems after damning report

Report finds that €36.7bn in transactions, all carrying a high risk for money laundering, were processed through the bank’s branch network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

6. Nordic countries in denial over IT industry equality

Arriving in Denmark to find she was the only woman on a computer science master’s course was a shock to Plamena Cherneva.

7. How an Estonian digital nation emerged from the embers of Soviet rule

Estonia’s minister for foreign trade and IT tells Computer Weekly how the country went from having no governmental infrastructure in the early 1990s to acquiring the label “digital nation”.

8. Finland launches free AI skills course for EU citizens as presidency parting gift

Finland is making a course in basic artificial intelligence available to citizens of all European Union countries.

9. Swedish rail firm’s digital journey running on time

Swedish rail company tells Computer Weekly about its successful mission to improve customer experience.

10. Norway’s government to upgrade digital in school curriculum

Primary and secondary schools in Norway will introduce more digital learning, following the latest government reforms.

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