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Nuage Networks declares SD-WAN first for desktop, mobile and IoT devices

Nokia subsidiary integrates Asavie SD Edge to allow enterprise IT managers to extend security policies beyond branch to mobile users and connected devices

Nuage Networks has extended the reach of its SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) through the integration of Asavie Edge mobility.

Its aim is to enable CIOs to have enhanced visibility and control of devices, users and applications, regardless of location, and let managed service providers deliver secure and policy-driven enterprise-wide SD-WAN services, without VPN (virtual private network) clients on mobile devices.

Nuage said its SD-WAN 2.0 will now encompass enterprise mobile and internet of things (IoT) devices so that users can easily and securely connect to enterprise clouds and applications without the need for VPN clients.

Nokia’s Nuage SD-WAN will also integrate the Asavie SD Edge, ensuring that mobile users will be able to connect with all enterprise applications, across private and public cloud and software as a service (SaaS). This, said Nuage, will mean that the combined system will ensure that enterprise users have a consistent and secure connectivity experience using any device, whether in the office or on the move.

Enterprise IT managers will have end-to-end virtualised network visibility and control via centralised policy management across physical branches, the public and private cloud environments, SaaS offerings and mobile and IoT devices, it said.

The intended result is that enterprise IT teams will benefit from using the same centralised policy and control for mobile access as the rest of the enterprise users and devices based in physical branch offices. It should also mean that managed communications service providers will have a new way to deliver fixed and mobile broadband networks to enterprises as a fully integrated, end-to-end managed network service.

“Managed service providers have had success delivering SD-WANaaS [SD-WAN as a service] to enterprise customers and our research shows strong market growth in that segment,” said Ray Mota, CEO and principal analyst at ACG Research.

“With this extension to the Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 solution, leveraging the Asavie SD Edge, service providers will be able to expand their offering to reach mobile users and IoT devices as well as desktops in branches. This new solution from Nuage and Asavie creates a much bigger addressable market and upsell opportunities for service providers to deliver business value to their enterprise customers.”

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Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, added: “With the rapid increase in remote working and mobile professionals caused by Covid-19, the Asavie SD Edge mobile connectivity service extends the power and simplicity of SD-WAN to include mobile devices, which means all the power of a policy-driven approach and none of the hassles associated with managing VPN clients on disparate mobile and IoT devices.

“IT managers can focus their management policies on end users, no matter the devices they are using, ensuring they enjoy a seamless and consistent experience.”

The launch comes as the SD-WAN industry is set for a continued hot streak after a solid 2019. Research from Omdia noted that the SD-WAN market was moving toward larger scale and globalised deployments, with suppliers releasing new SD-WAN features designed to support deployment at scale, allowing multi-tenancy where enterprises can define sub-regions for their WANs that are to be managed independently.

In particular, Omdia said the market had reached a stage where suppliers were focusing on explaining to customers why a particular offering is best and how it aligns with strategic corporate directions.

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