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Fintech workers called to share their experiences of microaggression

Fintech workers were asked to share upsetting workplace incidents as part of an anonymous study

Workers in the fintech industry can share their experiences of microaggresion at work as part of a study that attempts to fill a gap in understanding workplace culture, which can often be damaging.

InChorus, which collects data through a web app to help businesses create more inclusive workplaces, has launched a website to allow fintech workers to anonymously log incidents of microaggresion in their workplaces.

Microaggressions, which include insulting slights and snubs, are often overlooked as a problem as businesses focus on more serious incidents.

InChorus co-CEO Rosie Turner said incidents such as these are subtle and often fall through the cracks. “This might include the female CTO [chief technology officer] of a fintech constantly being mistaken for the secretary,” she said.

Turner said companies realise the importance of ensuring staff are happy in the workplace, but there are gaps to fill.

“We find that while typically companies have employee engagement tools or surveys – asking people how they feel about the coffee and if they feel they belong – at one end of the spectrum, and at the other end they have whistleblowing tools or ways of reporting serious misconduct.

“Between those two points, there is a real gap where loads of day-to-day interactions happen, but they typically fall through the cracks.”

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Fintech workers are being asked to share the incidents they experience anonymously.

“Looking at those incidents that are missed is crucial in building a true picture of the culture, which could help prevent more serious incidents in the future rather than having to react to them,” said Turner.

The fintech sector has faced accusations of gender inequality and harbouring toxic workplace cultures – the result of bringing together the tech and financial services sectors, both of which have a lot of issues around diversity and negative workplace cultures in general.

InChorus is working with industry groups including trade association Innovate Finance and Canary Wharf-based startup hub Level 39 to distribute the survey, and is targeting thousands of fintech workers in the UK.

“We want to build up a picture of the problems the industry is experiencing, who is experiencing them and where are they happening,” said Tuner. “The hope is that with that data we can look at targeted solutions and recommendations.”

Clare Black, director of corporate affairs and communications at Innovate Finance, said: “Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for us.”

Click here to log an incident in the study.

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