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NetApp ports services to NetApp HCI for multi-cloud storage

NetApp will debut multi-cloud services on its NetApp HCI hyper-converged platform, with the first being its Kubernetes orchestrator service and Cloud Volumes

NetApp has started to port existing Cloud Data Services to its on-premise hyper-converged NetApp HCI platform, in a move that will make them available for multi-cloud storage operations.

The first NetApp Cloud Data Services on NetApp HCI will be its Kubernetes Service and Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI.

This move will, said NetApp chief technologist for cloud and DevOps, Ingo Fuchs, “allow customers to treat the on-premise datacentre like a region in a multi-cloud environment”.

NetApp will start with these two because they stand out in terms of demand, said Fuchs.

“Demand for Kubernetes is very high,” he said. “It has won the race for container orchestration and demand is very high among DevOps shops and enterprises.”

Meanwhile, Cloud Volumes on NetApp HCI provides simple-to-consume cloud storage, with service and performance levels easily configured, in a familiar cloud environment.

The move brings multi-cloud services to NetApp’s on-prem hyper-converged compute and storage product, NetApp HCI, which is based on technology acquired from SolidFire in 2016.

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At the same time, NetApp has announced it has extended a number of existing cloud services to Google Cloud Platform, which now means they are available on all the big three cloud providers’ platforms.

They are: Cloud Volume Services for Google Cloud, which provides the native cloud-like storage as described above, and Cloud Volumes Ontap for Google Cloud, which “is targeted at people who want to manage cloud storage services in ways they’re used to from their on-premise storage”, said Fuchs.

Further additions to the NetApp cloud portfolio include the Fabric Orchestrator Toolset, which allows customers to manage and monitor their entire multi-cloud environment and make a decision about which storage resources are best suited to keeping particular datasets and to manage data movement.

The related NetApp Cloud Insights allows customers to view their storage resources across on-premise and cloud locations to determine current usage levels and type.

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