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JetStream DR cloud replication aims to make backup redundant

JetStream’s IO Filter allows for continuous replication to the cloud of VMware virtual machines and virtual disks instead of scheduled snapshots or backups, and with a near-zero RPO

JetStream software has announced general availability for its JetStream DR product, which allows continuous replication – as opposed to periodic snapshots – of VMware virtual machines (VMs) and data to public cloud locations.

The product, aimed at service providers and enterprises, allows customers to failover to operations from the cloud in the case of an outage with an RPO (recovery point objective) of near zero.

JetStream DR also works with S3-based object storage and can continuously replicate that data from on-premise locations to public clouds.

JetSteam originated as FlashSoft and went through a number of acquisitions, with a formative period being one in which it developed technology used by VMware in its APIs for I/O filtering (VAIO).

At its core, this allows for any I/O stream to be intercepted between the VM and virtual disk in real time, with intelligence then being applicable to that flow of data.

So, for example, JetStream has a product called Accelerate, in which IO Filter can select whether data should be served/stored on cache or underlying storage, with claimed application performance of 3x to 5x.

Meanwhile, JetStream Migrate allows for data to be migrated in near real time from on-premise VMware deployments to the public cloud.

This can be carried out without shutdown during transfer because IO Filter can move the bulk of the VM and disk and then keep track of data written concurrently to build the VM and disk as soon as possible afterwards.

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JetStream DR aims to allow for “data protection as a true cloud service”, said company president Rich Petersen.

“Data protection need to be elastic and dynamically consumable. So, for example, if you have Nutanix on-premise, you need to replicate to Nutanix in the cloud. It’s the same for other HCI providers and for [VMware] VSAN.”

Instead, JetStream DR allows users to replicate VMware VMs and data to any cloud service and to failover to it in case of a disaster recovery scenario.

Petersen contrasts his company’s product with backup in general and in particular with offerings from Veeam and Druva. Unlike those products, JetStream is continuous and not dependent on periodic snapshots or backups.

A similar service can be applied to on-premise S3 object storage data, although re-hydration of stored data will take longer than for VMs.

There are no immediate plans to extend the product to support Hyper-V and KVM but it is on the roadmap, said Petersen.

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