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Deloitte will double Hyderabad workforce to support demand for technology services

Deloitte will add 40,000 staff at its operation in Hyderabad, with IT professionals accounting for a significant portion of employees

Business consultancy Deloitte will double its workforce in the Indian city of Hyderabad over the next five years, with IT professionals to be added in large numbers to support technology implementations.

The company’s Hyderabad campus, its biggest in India, currently has 40,000 employees, but this will reach 80,000 in the next five years if the company’s plan is completed.

Deloitte is hiring engineers and software professionals for specific skills in technology implementation and other areas.

According to the Indian Economic Times, Paul Sallomi, global tech, media and telecom industry leader at Deloitte, said the company would hire people in the country in areas such as mobility, IT systems and system integration. “We are building [facilities in Hyderabad] ahead of hiring, and we are hiring as rapidly as we can,” he said.

Peter Schumacher, CEO at management consultancy Value Leadership Group, which advises businesses on outsourcing, said companies that are expanding their captive centres in India reflects the strategic view of the opportunities the country offers.

“Leading companies from around the world are reconfiguring their value chain activities globally. More companies now believe that India is evolving into a strategic platform for transformation and new competitive advantages,” he said, adding that the talent pool in India can now handle complex projects that companies might have previously kept onshore.

At the Value Leadership Group’s annual IT Symposium in New York City, business leaders said the combination of the quality of talent in India and its cost advantages mean it is now suitable for handling innovation work.

“Our view is that India’s superior technology skills validated by the startup/e-commerce ecosystem and the Indian IT services suppliers over the past two decades is driving a much more strategic commitment from global companies to establish their in-house capabilities in India,” said Schumacher.

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