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InfoWatch opens training centre to help address Middle East skills shortage

Security supplier offers Middle East customers cyber security and digital training facility as organisations in the region struggle to equip staff with latest skills

Digital security supplier InfoWatch has opened a cyber security training centre to focus on developing best practices, skills transfer and knowledge sharing to bridge a skills gap in the Middle East.

Cyber security company InfoWatch Group unveiled the Digital Technology and Cyber Security Training Centre in Dubai to instigate training by introducing knowledge sharing and skills transfer.

According to the supplier, the training hub will serve the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market by equipping candidates that undergo the training with digital technology and cyber security skills. It said the Dubai training hub supports its commitment to enhance skills by bridging the skills gap in the MENA market through bespoke digital security training programmes.

The Dubai facility has been designed to replicate InfoWatch Group’s flagship training hub in Moscow and is aimed at local government officials and business executives, students from field-specific universities and channel partners, the company stated.

Kristina Tantsyura, managing director, InfoWatch Group Middle East, said: “Since our regional head office, we have strengthened our relations with existing clients in the Middle East including the Central Bank of Bahrain, Prime Minister’s Court of Bahrain, First Energy Bank B.S.C. Bahrain, Venture Capital Bank (Bahrain), Kuwait Finance House, Petrochem UAE, and Haward Technology.”

“Moreover, we have been actively piloting our solutions for a number of new large customers.”

Tantsyura added that: “One of the most important achievements for us was the signing of the memorandum of understanding with the Ajman Digital Government and Ajman University on cooperation in information and cyber security and the development of joint digital security educational programmes.”

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For most enterprise organisations in the Middle East, the technical skills of some of their most valued workers – pre-sales engineers, system designers, solutions architects, developers and customer support personnel – can become obsolete in almost no time. And when they do become obsolete, so can the business.

One way organisations in the Middle East are sharpening their employees’ IT skills and maintaining their technology edge is by taking advantage of the training and certification opportunities offered by the IT suppliers.

Tantsyura said cyber security is a pressing issue for both businesses and government agencies worldwide, and in the Middle East market it’s not different, and that’s why InfoWatch decided to open the Digital Technology and Cyber Security Training Centre to pay special attention to educational projects through customised training initiatives.

“We have created a complete set of training programmes for clients of all sizes,” she said.

She pointed out that apart from the training hub, InfoWatch has launched a new consulting practice in the Middle East market that is helping customers to perform data classification and develop information security policies tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

Tantsyura explained that the centre will enable customers big or small to educate their employees, from system administrators to information and cyber security executives. She said the company will on an ongoing basis engage IT security experts and professors from InfoWatch’s partner universities that specialise in areas being most demanded at the moment, such as blockchain, data science, internet of things and artificial intelligence.

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