Asda outsources app development to support digital future

Supermarket chain Asda is outsourcing its application development to HCL to access and build skills and experience in agile development methods

Asda has penned a three-year contract with IT services firm HCL Technologies to support its digital transformation through application development services.

The retail sector is experiencing major disruption as market innovators adopt digital technologies to better engage and serve their customers.

HCL developers will work alongside Asda’s existing application development team to build a DevOps delivery model that will enable them to make continuous improvement to applications through agile development and, as result, keep up with changes in the retail sector.

This is vital at a time when new competitors are using digital technology to challenge traditional retailers and consumers’ service preferences are changing regularly. There is increasing demand for online shopping as well as in-store digitisation.

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Retailers go out of their way to provide a good customer experience in an attempt to encourage brand loyalty. A heavy focus on technology is becoming a huge part of retail as a result, as customers are using digital technologies and multiple channels to shop.

According to Asda CIO Phil Tenney, better use of data and analytics is a key component of what the retailer wants to achieve through the outsourcing deal.

“As organisations embark on a digital transformation, with technology increasingly driving the business, it’s critical that we have the agility to respond quickly to changing needs, particularly in capabilities such as data and analytics,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to working with HCL on our application services, through its focus on continuous improvement and unique expertise that will help our teams keep up with the latest industry trends, technologies and tools.”

Asda has about 600 stores in the UK and employs more than 135,000 people.


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