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Hedvig teams up with Veeam to support scale-out backup appliances

Scale-out software-defined storage supplier reaches agreement with Veeam for backup software to build clusters of nodes with flash, cloud and block, file and object storage access

Software-defined storage maker Hedvig has formed a partnership that will make it available to power Veeam-equipped backup appliances.

The deal with the backup software maker will enable customers to build Veeam backup target hardware from approved x86 and ARM-based server hardware or buy them pre-configured in HPE servers. 

The move takes aim at competitors such as Rubrik, Cohesity and Commvault, which are part of an emerging market for scale-out backup appliance nodes. It mirrors the trend for hyper-converged infrastructure that puts servers and storage into one box, but with backup software instead of a virtualisation hypervisor.

Hedvig supplies software-defined storage with block (iSCSI), file and object storage access and can support virtualised environments (VMware, Hyper-V and KVM) as well as container applications in Docker, Kubernetes and Mesosphere.

It can also be accessed as a cloud instance in Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to allow storage across on-site and cloud locations via the same UI.

Hedvig is sold in software-only format as well as in pre-configured appliance form by HPE. It comes with replication and snapshots and can be equipped with flash storage media.

The product is scale-out, with a minimum of three nodes required, but a claimed unlimited maximum.

This announcement adds the ability to use Hedvig as a Veeam backup target and follows last year’s announcement of Symantec NetBackup capability.

It means Hedvig can be used as the basis to build out scale-out backup target nodes with Veeam software on board. This capability also extends to the supported cloud environments.

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Hedvig founding engineer and product manager Gaurav Yadav said the ability to use Hedvig as a scale-out backup target allows for functionality like that of Rubrik or Cohesity, “but at a third of the cost”.

Hardware appliance versions available with HPE hardware come as 24TB, 48TB and 96TB nodes with spinning disk HDD (2TB, 4TB and 8TB) and flash storage options available so that customers can customise for capacity and performance.

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