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Manchester Science Partnerships opens competition to drive data science and tech startups forward

Manchester Science Partnerships has begun a competition for startups to win free desk space at its Tech Incubator

Technology park operator Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) has called for startups to enter a new competition and earn the chance to join its Tech Incubator.

Besides its core mission, MSP supports small companies in their efforts to become global players. Its contest, worth up to £9,500, is open for organisations with one to 12 employees in various fields of technology.

Startups in sectors such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), finanical technology (fintech), blockchain, cyber security, e-commerce and others are eligible.

Applications are open until 4 May and candidates will also pitch their ideas to a series of judges as part of the process.

The winner will get free desk space at MSP’s Tech Incubator and the opportunity to develop their business through a 12-month growth accelerator.

Anne Dornan, head of innovation and partnerships at MSP, said the competition will be used to heighten the profile of some of the tech startups.

“The competition represents an exciting opportunity to identify new data science and technology innovation startups to join Manchester’s flourishing and diverse digital sector, and who we hope will benefit from the specialist support services, access to finance, and collaboration opportunities offered by our Tech Incubator and our fantastic network of partners,” she said.

The programme will be based at the Manchester Technology Centre, which opens in May providing events and a co-working space. The centre is based at the Bruntwood Circle Square campus, a £750m space designed to bring together innovative companies across the city.

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The incubator came about through a £2m deal between MSP and Manchester City Council, along with partners including consultancy firm Complete Resourcing and trade association Manchester Digital.

MSP is already helping more than 300 startups across its three main locations at Manchester Science Park, Alderley Park and Citylabs. Dornan said the partnership aims to bring together the startups across these areas and drive innovation.

“We are passionate about creating communities of like-minded businesses in locations where innovation and entrepreneurship come together to drive real growth and impacts,” she added.

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