Anaplan opens York office in search of engineering talent

Anaplan turns to York for R&D engineers as companies struggle to find talent in California

Cloud-based platform Anaplan will double its R&D headcount in York, as it unveiled new offices with enough space to recruit new talent.

The company aims to increase its R&D team to 90 engineers in York, who will look after product development and engineering worldwide, after the company found it difficult to find talent in California.

Anaplan provides a platform for businesses to build financial plans to assess execution against them.

Founded in 2006, Anaplan is the brainchild of British software engineer and York resident Michael Gould. The firm has 20,000 users with 11 offices in seven countries.

Michael Gould, British CTO and co-founder of Anaplan, said: “We’ve taken the company a long way from its conception in my barn in York. Despite our global presence, we strongly believe in the growing pool of technology talent where it all started for us – right here in York.

“We will continue to keep our core development here, in what is rapidly evolving into an increasingly recognised hub for innovation. Thanks to the success of initiatives like DotYork, the growing tech community here will only go from strength to strength. We hope our investment in the city will speed its growth.”

Fred Laluyaux, CEO of Anaplan, said: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit high-calibre engineering staff in California, and we’ve long believed that the North of England offers a substantial, and untapped, source of great engineering talent. 

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“In particular, the region has a strong heritage in financial software: the core planning products of SAP and IBM were both built around applications developed here.  From this perspective, increasing our investment in York is the best way we can maintain our technology leadership.”

Anaplan’s new offices will be in the old Bonding Warehouse on Terry Avenue, a building that has laid dormant for the last 14 years.

James Alexander, leader of City of York Council, said: “This is great news. Anaplan’s expansion in York is a real success story, not only for the company but for the city. It brings with it further highly skilled jobs and will be a significant addition to York’s strong, diverse and growing economy.

“We continue to work hard with partners in the city to ensure York has the right environment to attract, retain and grow businesses; whether through improvements to our digital and physical infrastructure or in ensuring access to city-wide training and development opportunities. Today’s announcement is further proof that York is a place businesses want to be located to thrive”.

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