Fulham football club address skills shortfall with cloud database

Fulham football club’s IT team moves its database infrastructure to the cloud with a database as a service implementation

Fulham football club’s IT team is moving its database infrastructure to the cloud with a database as a service implementation.

Fulham FC uses various databases supporting business applications and, after identifying a shortage of the right skills in-house, it decided to outsource.

Spencer Haywood, head of IT at Fulham FC, said recruitment, re-skilling and training would have been expensive with no guarantee of success. 

"The recruitment process to find the required resource was lengthy to ensure value for money, so we looked to outsource this particular service to avoid the risk and expense of recruiting, re-skilling and training up new employees," he said.

Fulham FC chose a database as a service offering from supplier Carrenza.

The cloud-based service also provides the IT team with visibility through monitoring, as well as the ability to scale up and down in line with seasonal changes in activity.

Carrenza will be looking after Fulham FC's business-critical Microsoft SQL stack of databases, many of which play a critical role in the business activities of the organisation.

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The database applications Carrenza will manage include ticketing solutions, stadium access controls and financial systems. 

Other smaller databases will be managed to support areas such as player medical databases.




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