Ten cities receive £114m for 100Mbps broadband infrastructure

Ten cities in the UK are to receive £114m government funding for broadband infrastructure of 80-100Mbps and wireless internet access

Ten cities in the UK are to receive £114m for broadband of 80-100Mbps and wireless internet access, as part of government plans to improve connectivity across the nation.

The total sum allocated to the 10 cities is £14m more than originally promised in the budget. Government said it expected to manage the costs in the overall £830m available for broadband infrastructure investment.

The ten cities’ plans include taking broadband access to an extra 230,000 residential and 55,000 business premises, as well as high-speed wireless by 2015.

London will receive £25m, Leeds & Bradford (joint bid) £14.4m,  Belfast £13.7m, Manchester £12m, Bristol£11.3m, Cardiff  £11m, Edinburgh  £10.7m, Birmingham  £10m and Newcastle £6m.

The cities are all required to provide additional resources towards the project.

Secretary of state for culture, media and sport Maria Miller said: “Fast broadband is essential for growth, and is key to the country’s economic future. 

"These ten cities have produced ambitious and comprehensive plans, which will turn them into digital leaders, and give their local economies a real boost.”

A further £50m is due to be shared between ten smaller cities, yet to be announced.


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Hi i'm from america, I'm white, 21 and starting a business at the moment. I have an iPhone. I'm also considering dual citizenship with uk. Now that you know me a little bit, I would assume that what I say will hold more credibility.

Anyways, as I read this I assumed some people wouldn't understand why UK is doing this, and the people that can't understand will complain about it and think "distribute it amongst the country instead of just boosting the metropolis hubs

There's some things you have to understand for this to make sense. I'll begin off with that (as a personal view) I sort of see UK as the other america in the world. We're very similar, and we always seem to be competing. UK, , is very relevant in the media world these days, which is the future (Indeed I admit the accent so much is starting to annoy me lol).London is one of the media capitols of the world. UK government understands this, and that they have to hold on to that with everything they can, and this is worth taking a loan over. It comes down to them having to choose what is right, and what is easy.

If you see Worldclock.com, you'll see how UK doesn't have the choice to blow what they have and do what is easy and give in to sharing with the not-as-relevant. Because we're white. We crave to excel, and to be dominant. Why waste money you dont even have on non-relevant people when you have people who actually have relevance in the world having trouble connecting to youtube through their phone cuz of terrible non-cutting edge internet. I have Sprint for my isuck, i mean iPhone, so I have 3g internet. it's balls. having terrible internet makes me want to cry.makes listening to (uk) dubstep in the car a problem.
Anyways, they even said that 10 no-namer cities are getting money too, so thats 20 cities and in a somewhat small country. Does this piss you off that I said that about people not in the areas that matter aren't relevant? Does that make you mad? Try doing what Americans do. Deal with it. If you are ambitious enough to want to be relevant in the world, actually do something to deserve it and get out of nowhere'sville and re-open your youtube lol.
Ambition, everyone u (we dont either)dont have the money to waste on pointless causes, and trying to make sure you remain relevant in the world, are why London is getting the money, and not typical'sville no-one. Sorry hope that helps.