FBI denies link to leaked Apple device codes

The FBI says there is no evidence that Anonymous gained access to 12 million identity codes for Apple devices by hacking an FBI agent's laptop

The FBI says there is "no evidence" that hacker group Anonymous gained access to 12 million identity codes for Apple devices by hacking an FBI agent's laptop.

The group posted a file online that it claimed contained a sample of around one million of the identification codes, which it alleges the FBI is using to track the device owners.

Anonymous said it had published the codes to call attention to the issue. “We have learnt it seems quite clear nobody pays attention if you just come and say hey, the FBI is using your device details and info,” the group said in an online posting.

Various tweets by Anonymous indicate that the move is part of is AntiSec (Anti Security) campaign to steal and leak classified government and company information to expose security issues.

Responding to the claims, the FBI said in statement: “At this time there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data."

Peter Kruse, an e-crime specialist with CSIS Security Group in Denmark, tweeted on Tuesday that the leak "is real" and that he confirmed three of his own devices in the data, according to the BBC.

Earlier this year, hackers identifying themselves as part of the Anonymous-led AntiSec campaign hit the websites of anti-malware firm Panda Labs and New York Ironwork, which sells equipment to US police.

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