UK partners pressure Adobe to keep Flash Player on Android store

Adobe admits it has buckled under pressure from UK partners, such as the BBC, to keep Flash Player on the Google Play Store

Adobe will keep its Flash Player available on the Google Play store for mobile applications.

Adobe reverse its decision to ditch the app after pressure from companies using the technology.

Adobe announced two weeks ago it was going to remove its Flash Player from the Android app hub. Adobe said development had ceased for the mobile version of the video software and support would be withdrawn by 2013.

However, a number of high profile UK organisations, including the BBC and its iPlayer, use Flash and have yet to finalise versions of their apps to move to a new standard, such as HTML5.

Now Adobe has given them a reprieve. Adobe released a statement today which read: “Flash Player continues to be available on Google Play for users in the UK for a short while, due to requests from strategic partners.”

Adobe still plans to cut the mobile app however, concluding: “It is expected to be removed soon.”

The BBC would not comment on whether it was one of those strategic partners, but a news story from the organisation claimed it did ask Adobe to delay the removal.

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