Video: ICO publishes new guidance on cookie law

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published new guidance on cookie law and revealed the organisations it has approached on the issue

The Information Commissioner's Office has published updated guidance on the cookie law that will be enforced from this weekend.

The changes require UK websites to obtain an individual’s consent before placing a cookie on their device, including third-party advertising cookies and analytics cookies.

On the eve of the expiry of the deadline for organisations to get their websites in order, the ICO has published a blog entry and video by David Evans, the strategic liaison group manager at the ICO, as well as guidance for the public that explains what individuals can do if they are concerned about a website's use of cookies.

"We expect organisations to be on the path to compliance - which means UK websites must provide visitors with sufficient information to make a decision on whether they are happy for a cookie to be placed on their device and obtain consent before placing a cookie," he said.

The ICO has also published the letter it sent to 50 organisations about the changes as well as a list of organisations that were approached

Evans emphasises that there is no "one size fits all approach" and organisations are best placed to develop their own solutions.

"They will know how and why their customers use their websites better than we do," he said.

Evans also emphasised that the ICO is responsible for enforcing the law, and cannot change the legislation which was passed by the EU, and later implemented by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport

The video, he said, is aimed at answering some of the frequently asked questions, such as how UK organisations can comply with the changes; what approach the ICO will be adopting to enforcing the law; and the benefits of complying with the new cookies regulations.

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