Richard Gere loves EMC, so it probably isn’t worried about NetApp haters

Our monthly wade through the slime of the storage blogosphere has found an EMC Symmetrix making Richard Gere look animated, and some rather odd Spam in NetApp’s back yard

Ooooh! Richard Gere. He’s so smooth and sophisticated, just like the Symmetrix VMAX he co-stars with in a movie called The Double, which we learned of thanks to Storage Anarchist.

With friends like Gere, EMC probably doesn’t have to worry about posts like this one from NetApp’s ValB which brings out the usual “their hyper-blah whatsis aren’t as elegant as our solid state jargonising operands” approach to try and make EMC’s tiering kit look lame.

Nor will HDS’ “EMC likes big boxes and it cannot lie” approach hurt in a post-Gere glow, although HDS may need to worry about its exclusion from VMware’s BFF list as recorded by the ever-alert Steve Foskett.

NetApp manages to make itself look lame in one of its community RSS feeds, which seem to have been thoroughly haxxored if the screen shots we gathered while reading up for this article are any guide.

We're not sure if this one is real or not:

Also narky of late is IBM, which accuses HP of telling porkies about new 3Par kit (and gets well-analysed y IDEAS International).

That’s all on the sniping front, and we attribute the low snipe count to summer holidays and thought-provoking events like VMworld. The latter spawned a blizzard of posts from the likes of Scott Lowe, HDS, Rodos, Boche, Drunken Data and Storage Mojo.

Another theme is compute in the array. HDS comes up with a bit of a fuddy-duddy definition and EMC’s Storagezilla hints at some hot stuff: servers running on arrays. ‘Zilla also covers a virtual VMAX and EMC’s new venture fund.

Back on HDS, it’s BlueArc buy got the hooray for us corporate treatment from its new owner and more sober analysis from Ray on Storage and StorageIO.

Datacore wondered just what a storage hypervisor is and why anyone wants one. Daniel Morris sent the tweet of the month, regarding the … errr … water closets at Compellent. Check it out here.

Persuasive Platypus contemplated LMAX, The Networker Blog looked at five things to consider about dedupe and a few folks noted Veeam’s new Backup Academy.

IT On Cloud looks at SAN fabric maintenance on ESX and PenguinPunk gets low down and dirty on VNX7500 configuration.

Ray on Storage notes the new rash of 4TB hard disks, while StorageIO keeps playing with smaller-but-faster hybrid drives. The Backup Blog contemplates TSM on Data Domain.

Storagebod rakes over some old coals to bring us round 2789 in the “Clariions are nasty Windows boxes” debate and Storage Without Borders considers the capacity utilisation/performance issue.

Eigenmagic celebrates Linux’s 20th birthday and Scott Drummond posts a job ad for vSpecialists willing to make a move to Singapore.

Lastly, Seagate talks about secure erasure of SSDs.

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