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Scale Computing and Google relationship will benefit channel

The tie-up between Scale Computing and Google is seen as a relationship that will arm partners with more hybrid cloud ammunition

Hyperconverged specialist Scale Computing has heralded a tie-up with Google as a major boost for its channel partners trying to take customers into the cloud.

The two firms announced a relationship that will result in a hybrid cloud offering that enables users to move applications between on-prem and the Google cloud.

Called HC3 Cloud Unity the vendors will be targeting users that have struggled to take traditional on-prem applications and move them into a hosted environment.

Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing, said that the channel and MSP partners would be handed the chance to take more of their customers into a hybrid world.

He added that it also gave partners a chance to solve some of the big headaches that users were dealing with.

"When you are going to create a new app then you can say to a user 'please choose our cloud'. But that doesn't address the 95% of apps that are already out there," he said.

"You can put it in the cloud or on-prem and we are recognising that is what people want to be able to do," he added.

He said that it relied on partners and had been bringing them up to speed individually on the launch getting them ready to take the joint proposal to market.

Ready also accepted that a relationship with a brand the size of Google would have a positive impact and more people in the channel would become aware of the firm.

From a Google perspective the Scale relationship is designed to give it a chance to talk to more users about a hybrid option and observers think it should give it an opportunity to claw back some ground on rivals AWS and Microsoft.

"Companies still have a lot of legacy applications built with a different set of tools," said Adam Massey, director, strategic technology partners, Google Cloud.

"The challenge is finding ways to work in a hybrid environment as you migrate and figure out what to retool and what to just pick up and move. Our work with Scale Computing is making this process easier for companies that haven't been able to leverage the cloud to its full potential," he added.

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