SMEs starting to shift to Windows 10

An analysis of the summer months from Context shows that the long anticipated commercial movement towards Windows 10 is starting to happen

The SME market appears to be embracing Windows 10 giving those selling PCs a boost in the run up to the end of this year and the prospects of a decent start to the next.

Expectations of Q4 being the moment when Windows 10 starter to make a noticeable impact in the commercial market have been something that most of the channel has been looking forward to for the majority of 2016.

There now appears to evidence that the commercial sector, particularly the small business space, is getting behind the OS.

Figures from Context showed that business PCs across those distributors it tracks across Western European were up by 7% year-on-year in the first two months of Q316. Although that was not all down to Windows 10 the analyst firm felt it definitely played a role.

“The share of Windows 10 Pro was up from 16% in June to 18% in July and 24% in August, while Windows 7/Windows 10 Pro moved from 65.5% in June to 66% in July, followed by a drop to 64% in August. Combined adoption rates for the two versions increased from 81% to 88% over the period,” stated Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context in a blog post.

"Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is also a more “genuine” rise in interest for the new operating system, particularly within the small- and medium-sized business segment, as companies are slowly beginning to make the move from testing to deployment," she added.

The Windows 10 adoption rate is still lagging behind Windows 7 in terms of comparing them at the same time after launch, thirteen months, but there are positive signs of movement from customers.

“Expectations are for the commercial segment to start refreshes in earnest at the beginning of 2017, with larger enterprises transitioning over the course of the next two years,” concluded Pigott.

When Microsoft provided its anniversary update in early August it stated that there were now more than 350m devices using Windows 10 globally.​

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