IT service providers aren't meeting demands of customers

A new study from LogicNow has found that IT service providers are ignoring the immediate needs of their customers, in favour of longer term goals

There is an alarming level of discord between what customers expect, and what IT service providers are delivering, according to a new report from LogicNow.

The IT Service Management platform provider surveyed over 1,300 IT departments and almost 700 IT service providers across the globe as part of its ‘Global IT Service Providers Harmony Report’.

The research suggested that most IT departments initially reached out to service providers to help with a very particular, often business-critical need; however, LogicNow found that SPs would often neglect the immediate needs of the IT department in favour of pushing wider services.

“At LogicNow, we champion the Managed Service Provider model. IT departments benefit most from proactive support rather than Service Providers simply reacting when things go wrong. And at the same time, it’s a more profitable business model for Service Providers,” said Dr Alistair Forbes, general manager, LogicNow. “However, our Global IT Service Providers Harmony Report clearly shows that IT Service Providers need to be patient in their pursuit of this model and choose their timing carefully."

“Pushing strategic consultancy too early in the relationship gives an impression of under-valuing the immediate concern weighing heaviest on the customer’s mind. IT departments engage with Service Providers because they have a particular problem that needs solving. This must be addressed first to earn the opportunity of a strategic engagement later on.”

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