IBM shows there is life in the mainframe with z13 launch

It's taken five years and $1bn but IBM thinks it has the right platform to attract those customers struggling with big data

IBM has not enjoyed much joy in the hardware market over the last year and in recent times the theme in that area has been selling-off rather than cutting the ribbon on major investments.

But Big Blue has revealed it still has a desire to play in the high-end of the hardware market and for the first time since 2012 the firm has refreshed its z13 mainframe line.

The firm has spent $1bn on improving the processor speeds and making sure that the z13 can cope with mountains of data and provide real-time encryption and analytics to meet the demands of those customers looking for a platform that can handle the increasing amounts of information.

Not only has it spent a significant sum but the firm has also claimed it has taken five years of development and it has collaborated with more than 60 clients to come up with the z13.

IBM has reacted to the changing demands of customers, who are struggling to capture information generated by numerous mobile devices as well as the shift towards real-time analytics.

"Every time a consumer makes a purchase or hits refresh on a smart phone, it can create a cascade of events on the back end of the computing environment. The z13 is designed to handle billions of transactions for the mobile economy.  Only the IBM mainframe can put the power of the world's most secure datacenters in the palm of your hand," said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Systems.

"Consumers expect fast, easy and secure mobile transactions. The implication for business is the creation of a secure, high performance infrastructure with sophisticated analytics," she added.

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