Cloud consolidation sees Vtesse gobbled up by Interoute

Major cloud player Interoute has acquired Vtesse as it looks to gain a significant foothold in the UK market

Consolidation at the top end of the cloud provision market with Interoute Communications buying UK Vtesse group should be felt further down the channel because of customer relationships.

Vtesse boasts one of the largest networks in the UK, connecting 55 data centres and 48 major towns, and is behind some metropolitan and wide area network solutions that are sold via the likes of Redstone, IBM and Logicalis.

Vtesse has worked with Redstone to build a customer suite at its Hoddesdon data centre and has worked with IBM on numerous projects, including providing services to banks and major enterprises.

The firm can also show off a very impressive enterprise customer list that includes Lloyds TSB, Friends Provident, Poundland, Invesco, DEFRA and the AA.

For Interoute the acquisition is a chance to build on its operations in Europe, the US and Asia and get a major foothold in the UK market and roll out its enterprise unified ICT portfolio, which includes computing, connectivity and unified comms, to British companies.

“When you look at the options for European businesses wanting to take advantage of flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure, they are often limited to the public cloud providers who think Europe can be served by one European data centre location connected by the public internet," said Interoute CEO Gareth Williams.

"With this acquisition Interoute is adding its twelfth Data Centre in Europe and over 7000km of UK network to its 60,000km pan-European global Cloud services platform. This provides a highly resilient, secure low latency Cloud platform that businesses everywhere can benefit from," he added.

The message from Vtesse for its customers, including those channel partners that use its services, is that life should get even better with the addition of the Interoute muscle.

"Over the past years Vtesse has provided enterprises, system integrators, carriers and cloud and data centre operators with a range of solutions from our data centre and extensive UK network. Becoming part of Interoute will give these customers access to the extended portfolio of solutions and international reach of Interoute, opening new opportunities and new markets," said Aiden Paul, chairman and founder of Vtesse.

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