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Wireless networking

  • IT primer: Wireless A-Z

    Wireless seems to have more obscure acronyms than any other area of technology. This article explains the technologies behind the most important wireless acronyms.  Continue Reading

  • A smart approach to WLAN security

    A smart approach to WLAN security News from research and analysis company Gartner that up until 2006, 70% of successful wireless local area network (WLAN) attacks will be because of the misconfiguration of WLAN access points and client software is ...  Continue Reading

  • Mobilise your forces

    The age of mobile IT is upon us, says Jenny Sener, and IT directors must address a number of challenges for successful take-up and deployment  Continue Reading

  • Data management is key RFID challenge

    Data management is the biggest challenge in adopting radio frequency identification technology, according to a survey of 100 UK businesses conducted by KRC Research for BEA Systems.  Continue Reading

  • Thwarting Hacker Techniques

    This guide provides you with a plethora of tips, expert advice and Web resources that offer more in-depth information about hacker techniques and various tactics you can employ to protect your network.  Continue Reading