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November 2019

What is UK plc doing to address the tech skills gap in the face of Brexit?

The UK, like elsewhere, is far from immune to the global tech skills shortage brought about by the huge pace of technological change – or its impact. A 2018 study, It’s learning. Just not as we know it, by management consultancy Accenture, for example, predicted that if the G20 group of developed nations fail to ensure that skills creation keeps up with current rates of transformation, they could lose up to $11.5 trillion in cumulative GDP growth over the next 10 years. But the situation in the UK has also not been helped by high levels of growth in the country’s tech sector, which points out Albert Ellis, chief executive of recruitment consultancy Harvey Nash, has attracted the lion’s share of investment at a European-wide level over the last few years. To make matters worse, uncertainty brought about by Brexit has not only put a serious dampener on local candidates’ desire to change jobs, but has likewise had a damaging impact on “brand UK and the country’s power to attract and retain new skills and talent”, both from Europe ...

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