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February 2021

Picking the right IAM tools is based on more than today’s needs

Cloud networking has become a critical aspect of modern business practices, due to the need to manage access to information stored in the cloud, and therefore ensure it remains secure. Identity and access management (IAM) enables the management of multiple levels of credentials across an organisation’s various networks and platforms. The cloud is a comparatively recent element of modern business practice, so a certain level of conservativeness is expected. New technologies need to have a proven track record in reliability and robustness before they are utilised for sensitive information. “If you look at the past three or four major technological shifts that have hit in the broader application market, security is typically five to 10 years behind all of them,” says Steve Van Till, president of Brivo. Many people are now working from home, and it is likely that they will continue to do so once the pandemic has passed. A consequence of this is that there are now more businesses relying on remote working than ever before. “The clear...

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